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Buyers of all Silver Items


Oftentimes, people are given or inherit silver from relatives, such as coins, bullion, and sterling flatware, and don't know what to do with it. The silver buyers at Fairfax Coin & Collectibles Exchange are here to help guide you through these moments and realize the most value possible. As experienced and trusted second hand buyers in the DC area for over 30 years, we know how to identify your silver items properly, and we will pay competitive market prices for your unwanted valuables. We have the top of the line equipment to evaluate your silver.

We will buy items made of silver, including:

  • Pure Silver Bullion
  • Franklin Mint and other Sterling Silver Bullion
  • Sterling Silver Flatware and Accessories (see note)
  • US and Foreign Silver Coins
  • Sterling Silver Jewelry
  • Scrap Silver

Note: Most all Sterling is marked as such. Look on your items and find the word "sterling", or the 925 mark. If it says silverplate, it is not sterling, and we do not buy it. British hallmarks have been used for 500 years, so if your flatware is from the UK it may have different marks other than the word Sterling. The same goes for Sterling from other countries.  We buy sterling items, but do not buy any coins or items that are plated. We have a XRF Verifier to determine the precious metals content of your items.

To prepare for your appointment, Please let us know what you are bringing. And if your collection fits in a container that is bigger than a bankers box, we will need to set a longer appointment. Appointments are 30 minutes unless otherwise planned in advance. Note: Jewelry purchases take 2-4 mins PER piece. Plan accordingly.