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Coin Dealers. We Buy Coins!


Looking to sell your raw or slabbed, circulated or uncirculated coins? As coin dealers we love them!

Today there are millions of different coin designs circulated into economies all over the globe. It is nearly impossible to navigate the world of numismatics without the guidance of a trained professional; a coin dealer who has researched and studied coins for countless hours. At Fairfax Coin & Collectibles, our coin dealers will provide just that. We do all the research, so you don't have to worry when selling your coins.
At Fairfax Coin we also buy bullion, bars, and precious metal scrap as well. Not all Coin Dealers can buy precious metal scrap, but we have a precious metals license, so bring your jewelry and sterling pieces to sell to us, along with your coins. We are happy to take a look at it all. Call us to make an appointment today 571-464-9080.

We buy raw and slabbed coins including:

  • Platinum, Gold & Silver Bars
  • Uncirculated and Circulated U.S. Coins
  • American Silver Eagles and Gold Eagles
  • International Gold and Silver Coins
  • Pandas, Koalas, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Mexican coins, and More
  • Pre-1965 U.S. Silver coins
  • Silver Proof Sets from any country in the world. We do not buy face value coins
  • PGCS, NGC, and CAC slabbed coins

Prepare for your Appointment:

-If your coins are loose and circulated, SORT your coins into baggies by type. If your coins are already secured into a flip, binder, slab, or other container please leave them that way.
-Do not clean or polish your coins. It will diminish or ruin their value. Our coin buyers are more interested in the coins as they are, with all the dirt and patina that time brings.
-We do not buy 99% of face value coins. What is that? See our Resources & News Page for what "Coins To Look For When Going Through Your Collection". If you have a inkling that your coin(s) are valuable please bring them in for us to evaluate.
-Please let us know what you are bringing, and if it is bigger than a bankers box we will need to set a longer appointment. Appointments are 30 minutes unless otherwise planned in advance. Note: Jewelry purchases take 2-4 mins PER piece. Plan accordingly.

Do Not Clean Your Coins