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Thank you for visiting Fairfax Coin & Collectibles Exchange. We buy coins, currency, bullion and other collectibles, by providing respectful and safe evaluations and purchases in a professional environment. Please browse this page to see the categories of items that we buy. We are dedicated to giving you one on one service, and a fair price for your treasured items. If you are interested in buying silver and gold, we are happy to discuss that with you as well.   We are by appointment so we can serve each person in turn. Visit our About Page to determine what type of appointment is right for your needs. We look forward to serving you! Give us a call today.

Experience and Expertise:

Our numismatic coin buyers are highly respected in the field. We use decades of experience in the coin buying and collecting world to evaluate and identify your coins.
Listen to our Radio Spot with Dr. Sebastian Gorka:
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  • US Silver Eagles and Gold Eagles
  • International circulated Gold and Silver Coins
  • Unc Philharmonic, Pandas, Koalas, Maple Leafs, Krugerrand, Mexican coins, and More
  • Pre-1965 US Silver coins
  • Many other US coins
  • Silver proof sets from any country in the world (NO non-silver Proof or Unc sets please)
  • PGCS and NGC certified coins
  • Platinum, Gold & Silver Rounds and Bars

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We will buy items made of silver, including:

  • Pure silver bullion
  • Franklin Mint and other sterling silver bullion
  • Sterling silver flatware, trays, dishes, and accessories
  • US and foreign silver coins
  • Sterling silver jewelry
  • Scrap silver
  • We do not buy silver plated items

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Active Buyers of Scrap Silver and Gold

Do you have gold lying around in a jewelry box or safety deposit vault that you are not using? Instead of letting it collect dust, sell your gold to us! We’re here to help folks in the Northern Virginia/DC area: If you bring your gold in, we’ll determine whether it is legitimate, appraise it, and give you an immediate offer all right in front of you, without your items ever leaving your sight.

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  • Rolex watches
  • Tiffany
  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Estate Jewelry

Do you have broken, mismatched, or unwanted jewelry that stays in a jewelry box at home? Almost everybody has a house with hidden treasures in it. Fairfax Coin Exchange & Collectibles will buy your broken or unwanted gold, silver and platinum necklaces, rings, bracelets, odd earrings – we’ll buy it all!

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*changes monthly, please call or send us pictures to see what we are buying

  • Matchbox cars in their original packaging
  • Vintage Lionel Model Trains
  • Barbie collectible dolls in their original packaging
  • Collectible toys in their original boxes
  • Old American Collectibles
  • Sterling Flatware Collections, and more

Bring in your memorabilia and we’ll help you determine its value and make an offer. For full estates our buyers can travel to you.

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Are you Maximizing the Value of Your Estate’s Collectibles, Coins, and Bullion?

We work with Attorneys, Estate Executors, Heirs, and Administrators going through the probate process.

What can you expect:

  1. We sit down with you in a private professional environment.
  2. Our evaluators have significant years of experience in US and foreign coins and currency.
  3. We offer formal appraisals when needed, as well as buying the estate outright, whichever fits your needs.
  4. We provide informal evaluations to heirs.
  5. For a fee, we can offer house calls if the estate is large.
  6. We understand the marketplace because we monitor current rates and prices throughout the US.